Becki`s Fishsim

FS2 Tackle/Program


 Installiere alle 4 JBW Files und Du hast fast alle Tackle für die Fishsim.


Install all 4 JBW files and you have almost all the Fishsim Tackle.



Hier sind noch einige Links von Tackle die nicht in den JBW Files drin sind.

Die Tackle sind alle auf dem FS2 Downloader.

Here are some links to Tackle are not in the JBW files in it.

This Tackle are all on the FS2 Downloader.

Download, auf den Namen von dem Tackle klicken.

Download, klicking on the name from the tackle.


Belhard's Fly Pack  

AT Fly Pack   

Becki's Fly Pack    

Seychelles fly fishing Pack


lures_flies Pack



20 Maras Lures  

Only spinn Set 

jaxonukla Pack

Lures_cock Pack



Belhard_be's Rod Pack 

Jester's (Sea) Rods and 1 x Bait 

Hemingway Dynasteel  

6 Small Coloured Rods  

Zandriels feeder rig Rods


Tackle lg Pack


Tackle Pack:

BK`s Tackle Pack

kg1bait and line



VMC Treble Hook Micro Barbed

Ken Sewada Double Hook Barbed

Ken`s Double Hooks



Sliding Pike Float

Ledger Detector Type: Float.



Cork Digitherm



arinvisi Line



intenze-proton Reel




















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